Deana Blackman

Owner, Rhythm and Flow Pilates

Deana Blackman, Owner Rhythm and Flow Pilates

Movement has been part of my life since I was young. I found peace, focus, confidence, and freedom in movement. I have been teaching fitness since I was 16 yrs old. My classes always make people feel happy, confident, and strong. I found myself and my own strength when I taught and it hasn’t failed me yet. Loving what I did, I continued teaching through college, earning my BA in Graphic Arts at American University. 

In 2000, I tried my first Pilates class. It was love at first sight. I met my mentor and now good friend, Zayna Gold, the owner of Boston Body, one of the largest Pilates and Barre instructor training centers on the East Coast. The first thing Zayna said to me was, “Pilates is going to change your life.” And it did. Soon after I began working with Zayna I was certified in Stott, Power Pilates, and Balanced Body. As time went on I became a master trainer for Balance Body in Pilates and the New England trainer center for Core Align.

From walking up stairs, riding a bike to running a marathon, movement is an important part of everyday life. Today, I teach others how to move with confidence and strength. I help clients gain flexibility, stability and mobility to improve their daily movement. I have clients of all ages and health backgrounds working to strengthen their core and expand their range of motion. No class is the same. I teach by experience and intuition and I love what I do. I also offer instructor training classes for both Pilates and CoreAlign™, to help the next generation of instructors succeed.