New England CoreAlign™ Training Center

CoreAlign™ takes mind body fitness to a whole new level. The innovative equipment and exercise system is an excellent addition to any Pilates, physical therapy or personal training practice, combining functional full-body exercises with a mind-body approach. Many exercises are performed standing, allowing you to teach movement patterns that translate directly to activities from walking to athletics.

The Balanced Body CoreAlign™ instructor training program consists of two modules: CoreAlign™ 1: Foundations and CoreAlign™ 2: Progressions. CoreAlign™ 1 is a prerequisite for CoreAlign™ 2. Both modules include:

  • An introduction to CoreAlign™ theory and practice
  • An introduction to the Balanced Body Movement Principles
  • A comprehensive manual and Instructor Training Video
  • Access to videoclips and podcasts on the web
  • Sample programs to create a variety of classes
  • Cueing, coaching and teaching tips for clients at different levels of ability
  • Modifications and precautions for working with clients with comm