New England CoreAlign™ Training Center

CoreAlign™ takes mind body fitness to a whole new level. The innovative equipment and exercise system is an excellent addition to any Pilates, physical therapy or personal training practice, combining functional full-body exercises with a mind-body approach. Many exercises are performed standing, allowing you to teach movement patterns that translate directly to activities from walking to athletics.

The Balanced Body CoreAlign™ instructor training program consists of two modules: CoreAlign™ 1: Foundations and CoreAlign™ 2: Progressions. CoreAlign™ 1 is a prerequisite for CoreAlign™ 2. Both modules include:

  • An introduction to CoreAlign™ theory and practice
  • An introduction to the Balanced Body Movement Principles
  • A comprehensive manual and Instructor Training Video
  • Access to videoclips and podcasts on the web
  • Sample programs to create a variety of classes
  • Cueing, coaching and teaching tips for clients at different levels of ability
  • Modifications and precautions for working with clients with common orthopedic injuries
  • Tips on teaching successful group programs

To learn more about CoreAlign™ Training and instructor certification programs, call Deana at 781-929-8877

Teacher Testimonial

“The CoreAlign™ has been wonderful in “putting Pilates on its feet” – applying Pilates principles to working in the plane we live in mostly – upright. As a teacher, the CoreAlign™ has solved the frustration of seeing people do wonderfully lying down only to have it all fall apart as they stand up. My older clients love it too because they feel freer than on the reformer and appreciate the stretches. Once they trust the equipment, we are finding it very effective in improving posture and balance and working on alignment through the whole body, from ankles to neck.”