Private & Group Pilates Classes

Whether your goal is to walk around the block or run a marathon, our Pilates classes are for anyone who wants to feel great, run around with children or grandchildren and get off the floor or out of a chair effortlessly.  The goal of our Pilates classes is to help you enjoy your favorite activities and feel strong, agile and most important, pain free.

Pilates is a method of body conditioning that emphasizes the principles of control, centering, concentration, precision, breathing and fluid movement. A series of controlled movements, performed on the mat or on specifically designed apparatus, Pilates uses the abdominals, lower back, thighs and buttocks as the body’s “powerhouse” to stabilize and control movement. Targeting the deeper muscles in the body. Pilates focuses on core stabilization, making the participant stronger from their physical center. Pilates is a safe, sensible and intelligent form or exercise that will help you look and feel your best, regardless of your age or condition.


  • Improve your posture
  • Prepare for pre or post-surgery
  • Obtain sleek, toned and stronger muscles particularly in the abdominals, lower back and buttocks
  • Provide relief from back, neck and joint pain
  • Increase your energy level
  • Improve your sleeping patterns
  • Prepare for pregnancy both pre and post-natal
  • Increase and create a balance between strength, flexibility and range of motion
  • Release and reduce stress

Experience a fun, safe way to work out!

Please call ahead to schedule a session. We offer group and private classes.
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