Enjoying weekly Pilates with Deana for seven years, I’m ever amazed at her intuitive sense of what my body needs and wants. She’s a dynamic, gifted instructor and I especially appreciate the way she customizes routines to meet my needs and abilities. She pays “laser” attention and always suggests adaptations so I can achieve the best form. The sequences feel like choreography and the result is a feeling of “rhythm and flow” She’ll get you there whatever it takes! I don ‘t feel like I’m just “going through the motions”—rather, a sense of form and purpose shape each session and Deana’s interesting variations make the hour fly by. My posture, flexibility, strength, and focus have benefited, and carry-over into the sports I engage in–dance, skiing, and hiking. It has health benefits too; I’m almost 60 and I believe it has improved my bone density and helped me avoid medication for osteoporosis. Thank you, Deana!


Deana’s Pilates instruction is thorough, personalized and fun! I’ve been taking Pilates classes with Deana for over 2 years and I am challenged every class and continue to learn more each time I come. No class is the same, which keeps it fresh and interesting. Deana is able to fine tune my movements, helping me find muscles I didn’t know I had. Each class works my entire body, and I leave feeling longer and stronger. Deana is an incredible teacher and knowledgable mentor and I look forward each week to her class.

Pam Herbert

What a joy to have found Deana, and to take private Pilates lessons with her. It is rare to find someone who is a combination of 2 important qualities. She is seriously precise and exacting in her time with you, demanding accurate movements that will restore good health AND she is a ton of fun that makes each class pass way too fast. I feel I have finally found a teacher who takes my bodily aches and pains seriously and will structure our time together so that I can get the maximum benefit. I recommend Deana to anyone who wants their body to feel better and is looking for an enjoyable way to get there.

Caroline Gaibel

“Pilates is a great work out- no matter your age, shape, or level of ability! I have been working with Deana for several years and she has always been adept with modifying my pilates workout based on the condition of my body. Over the time I have worked with Deana, I have noticed my abs are much stronger and my posture is much more stately. Additionally, I am very pleased with the firmness of my arms, glutes and thighs. I am so impressed with physical transformation Deana’s classes have had on my body that I am considering becoming a pilates instructor. Deana is a compassionate woman and a wonderful human being!”

Sharon Marable