Transformative CoreAlign™ Classes

Our body-changing CoreAlign™ private and group classes help you lose weight and improve your body’s overall strength.

The CoreAlign™ device consists of two independent tracks and a workout ladder. The apparatus enables clients to exercise in an upright, functional posture, while addressing muscle balance, alignment, coordination, balance, and strength. Combining the tracks with upright postures is a key element in giving you immediate feedback for proper alignment while doing specific exercises. As a result, you can make immediate changes to improve your posture and function in a single session.

Who benefits?

People who are rehabilitating from back and neck pain, joint problems, and sports injuries are ideally suited for CoreAlign™. Aging adults, people with osteoporosis, and others with pain conditions also benefit because of the low impact nature of the exercises. High level athletes, including racquet enthusiasts, runners, and golfers will find the method challenging and varied, while also enabling them to establish a powerful core for improved sport performance.

Classes are available from Sunday to Friday and are 55-minutes in length.

Please call ahead for private sessions
(781) 929-8877